Summerfest at the car showpic

I made Front page !!

Levering musician builds,plays cigar-box guitars
unclelou Feb 19, 2014


This huge drift is on our OZ doors going to the basement. 
unclelou Jan 30, 2014
Happy Thanksgiving.pic


got a little snow today. went to take pix of berries with snow on them. Saw this tree on the way back.
unclelou Nov 22, 2013
a Very Blustery Day.pic

a Very Blustery Day.

Breakwall at Petoskey Mi.  The wind was so strong it was actually difficult to stand.
unclelou Nov 18, 2013
colors of fallpic

colors of fall

Out at the polo barns ,Bliss Mi.
unclelou Oct 23, 2013
silhouette of cowspic

silhouette of cows

Just a shot between rain and snow storms today.
unclelou Oct 22, 2013


sometimes just the simplist things can look pretty. i noticed this branch when  Hunter was running up at wilderness State park.
unclelou Oct 16, 2013


 Hunter and I were at the pumpkin barn today,had to get some of their hot spiced apple cider.
unclelou Oct 14, 2013
Spread Those Wingspic

Spread Those Wings

Caught this guy right after a rain storm.
unclelou Oct 06, 2013
Little Hut.pic

Little Hut.

i imagine elfs and fairies live here. came across this while lory and i were out shooting ..
unclelou Jul 25, 2013
At the Goose pond.pic

At the Goose pond.

One of my favorite places in wilderness State park.
unclelou Jul 14, 2013


 Memorial Day Bliss cemetary .
unclelou May 27, 2013
The Stream Mirrorpic

The Stream Mirror

Shot this on the way back from one of Hunters meets.
unclelou May 21, 2013


just another Canadian goose
unclelou May 11, 2013
Shy Guy.pic

Shy Guy.

Not sure what kind this is. Help
unclelou May 07, 2013
Trout lillypic

Trout lilly

spring has sprung
unclelou May 06, 2013
Mr. Double Beardpic

Mr. Double Beard

This happens but is rare, a tom with 2 beards growing. 
unclelou May 03, 2013
Prom 2013pic

Prom 2013

Hannahs grandpa showin Hunter what will happen if he doesn`t behave himself.  Lol
unclelou Apr 27, 2013
The Sandhill cranes have arrivedpic

The Sandhill cranes have arrived.....

I don`t think they are impressed with the waters frozen over and still lots of snow.  I blame this wierd weather to the HAARP systems.
unclelou Apr 11, 2013
Trotting Doe.pic

Trotting Doe.

Sorry for all the deer pix, but to me the deer is the prettiest animal on the earth.
unclelou Apr 03, 2013
Fun and Games.pic

Fun and Games.

These 2 seemed to be playing deer tag.
unclelou Apr 02, 2013
Good Friday Deerpic

Good Friday Deer

The deer are coming out of the swamps now, snow is finally melting away, maple sap is being boiled to make maple syrup.
unclelou Mar 30, 2013
The Goal Has Been Made.pic

The Goal Has Been Made.

Hunter set his goal on making it to the State Finals this year. This pic is from regionals. The top 15 runner go to States…
unclelou Oct 26, 2012
Yet another rainy day.pic

Yet another rainy day.

seems like its been rain rain rain for so long ,but have had alot of rainbows
unclelou Oct 19, 2012
The color of leavespic

The color of leaves

Just a little abstact pic i took today.
unclelou Oct 02, 2012
I stalked a hawkpic

I stalked a hawk

I think this is a red tailed hawk, it was watching soming in the field. i was able to get very close. Please check out…
unclelou Sep 25, 2012
The Landingpic

The Landing

Stopped at the river on the way to the track meet today.
unclelou Sep 11, 2012
At The Mud Run.pic

At The Mud Run.

This is what we saw when we arrived for the 5K mud run.  Hunter did great, 18th out of 120 runners in the varsity meet…
unclelou Sep 08, 2012


Another shot of craig Lake.
unclelou Aug 23, 2012
Im Likin this Lichenpic

I`m Likin` this Lichen

This lichen is called tree lungwort.  It looks like leaves growing on bark to me. At Craig lake tis was the 1st time i have…
unclelou Aug 22, 2012
I see you....pic

I see you....

Turkey shot that i got today .i was also able to get a pic of one of the young ones.
unclelou Aug 21, 2012
Unnamed Fallspic

Unnamed Falls

This is at the remoteness of the northern part of craig lake. i have searched the internet and can`t find any pix of this waterfall…
unclelou Aug 20, 2012
Canyon fallspic

Canyon falls

We went here on our campout for the teens to do some cliff diving.
unclelou Aug 17, 2012
Snack Timepic

Snack Time

This little guy stayed about 5 foot ahead of me for a good mile on the trail, finally he stopped to have a little snack…
unclelou Aug 15, 2012
Craig lake.pic

Craig lake.

well we survived. it was alot of fun . I even found a little water fall on a creek by the lake.
unclelou Aug 14, 2012
Little cascades.pic

Little cascades.

Well friday we leave for 4 nights of camping in the middle of nowhere in the upper penninusla. At Craig lake forest. We are going…
unclelou Aug 08, 2012
upper whitefish fallspic

upper whitefish falls

another hidden treasure.
unclelou Aug 02, 2012
A Sunset for Breezy.pic

A Sunset for Breezy.

just another bliss sunset.
unclelou Aug 01, 2012
An evening in Blisspic

An evening in Bliss

Yet another sunset on lake Michigan at Bliss
unclelou Jul 30, 2012
Humming bird and Cardinal flower.pic

Humming bird and Cardinal flower.

I was lucky to catch this bird at Wy-camp creek. It only stopped for a second and never came back.
unclelou Jul 29, 2012
Morgan Meadows fallspic

Morgan Meadows falls

This smaller falls was quite interesting to find. The directions that i had goten were a bit wrong on East and West. We ended up…
unclelou Jul 27, 2012
The Morgan falls.pic

The Morgan falls.

This is where the carp and morgan join forces to become a very much bigger river.Followed an old logging road a few miles to get…
unclelou Jul 23, 2012
Lunch is Served !pic

Lunch is Served !

The Ospreys young one are almost flying now. The parents stay busy catching fish and feeding them.
unclelou Jul 21, 2012
Red Sky At Nightpic

Red Sky At Night........

another sunset from Bliss.
unclelou Jul 20, 2012
part of rock river fallspic

part of rock river falls

i just loved how this section looked. hope you all like it too.
unclelou Jul 19, 2012
Rock River Fallspic

Rock River Falls

Even though theres a drought and the rivers are low. I think it still makes a pretty waterfall. We drove many miles on less then…
unclelou Jul 18, 2012
In The Eye Of A Frogpic

In The Eye Of A Frog

Well I`m off to some of the most remote parts of michigan for a few days. check the eye at full size.
unclelou Jul 16, 2012
Marsh marigold fruit?pic

Marsh marigold fruit?

i think thats what it is anyways.Lol
unclelou Jul 14, 2012
the color purple.pic

the color purple.

yet another wildflower that i can`t figure out the name of.
unclelou Jul 13, 2012


Bliss scores on the penalty shot, but ended up losing 10-9.
unclelou Jul 12, 2012
Silly deerpic

Silly deer

she never did see me...
unclelou Jul 07, 2012
Michigan Monkey flowerpic

Michigan Monkey flower

Sorry that i haven`t been on much,but i have been in the swamps,bogs and wetland systems locating some of michigans rarest flowers.  The monkey flower…
unclelou Jun 20, 2012
Monarch Lilypic

Monarch Lily

This was the first time I had ever seen a monarch drinking from a wood lily.
unclelou Jun 16, 2012
Showy Ladyslipper Orchid.pic

Showy Ladyslipper Orchid.

a neighbor told me where to find these in the swamp.
unclelou Jun 14, 2012


At wilderness state park
unclelou Jun 10, 2012


this one was nice and stood still for me to get a macro of.
unclelou Jun 08, 2012
Venus and the Sunpic

Venus and the Sun

Makes one feel very very small.
unclelou Jun 06, 2012
Wood Anemone and friendpic

Wood Anemone and friend

this was at the Oden fish hatchery trail. please check it out at full size.
unclelou Jun 05, 2012
Striped Coral Root Orchid.pic

Striped Coral Root Orchid.

a very rare sighting ,endangered species.  In hopes of finding the even more endangered Calypso this summer.
unclelou Jun 01, 2012
Columbine and Bugs.pic

Columbine and Bugs.

Shot this while seaching for striped coral root at wilderness state park. check it out full size
unclelou May 30, 2012
whats wrong with this picture.pic

whats wrong with this picture.

i just had to post this. Please check out full size.
unclelou May 26, 2012
Ye Ole Train Trackspic

Ye Ole Train Tracks

In the land of Gnomes and fairies.  I hope everyone has a great memorial weekend. i shall be back on the middle of next week.
unclelou May 24, 2012
Boyne Falls.pic

Boyne Falls.

Its is said that there isn`t any waterfalls at boyne Falls Mi.  I think i have proved that to be incorrect. Inother news Hunter won…
unclelou May 23, 2012
Flowering Wintergreen.pic

Flowering Wintergreen.

It amazed me how these 4 flowers grew like this.
unclelou May 22, 2012
Birds eye primrose.pic

Birds eye primrose.

Tiny little flowers that I found at wilderness State Park.
unclelou May 21, 2012
Swan portraitpic

Swan portrait

On the way home from track regonals. I saw swans on one of the little swampland lakes, My son ended up with 2 medals at…
unclelou May 18, 2012
The Landing.pic

The Landing.

The Osprey are nesting again near Butler Rd.  by Cheboygan.  They a big 6 foot wing span and two foot tall. Unlike the Eagle the…
unclelou May 16, 2012
Giant Owlpic

Giant Owl

I took this photo while on Mackinaw island. check it out full size.
unclelou May 15, 2012
Flower Island.pic

Flower Island.

These 2 different species were actually working togather protecting this flower .
unclelou May 14, 2012
Grey Comma.pic

Grey Comma.

I don`t ever remember seeing these before, had to do some research to figure out what kind it is.
unclelou May 12, 2012
Black Swallowtailpic

Black Swallowtail

A set of these were helping out with the apple blossom pollination yesterday.
unclelou May 11, 2012


I just like the simplicity and the dandilion contrast.
unclelou May 10, 2012
Drunk On Pollenpic

Drunk On Pollen

Old skool macro. focal tubes layer between camera and lens, manual focus and settings. It how I roll. :-) If bee`s don`t bug ya. :-) …
unclelou May 09, 2012
Butterflies and Blossoms.pic

Butterflies and Blossoms.

The Red admirals were polinating the apple blossoms. There we at least 2 dozen of them on the tree.
unclelou May 08, 2012
The Super Moon.pic

The Super Moon.

The last shot with my pentax 100-300mm lens. I dropped the lens after this shot and it won`t focus to infinity now.
unclelou May 07, 2012
Sunset on the Baypic

Sunset on the Bay

Shot this yesterday. Do you see the lighthouse?  Remember the moon will be at its closest tonight
unclelou May 05, 2012


This wild flower is now covering the woodland ground cover.
unclelou May 04, 2012
Mourning Dovespic

Mourning Doves

The bird is a symbol for peace in both Wisconsin and Michigan. Many associate the dove not only as a symbol of peace but also…
unclelou May 03, 2012
The lower Ocqueocpic

The lower Ocqueoc

Another part of the karst area. Can you find the yellow flower?
unclelou May 02, 2012
Red Admiralpic

Red Admiral

My 1st butterfly capture of the year.
unclelou May 01, 2012
The Ocqueoc Undergrounds.pic

The Ocqueoc Undergrounds.

The undergrounds are where streams come out of the ground, they are formed by karsts. Ocqueoc is pronounced Ah-key-oc.
unclelou Apr 30, 2012
Duck Reflectionspic

Duck Reflections

Taken today before my sons track meet. He took 3rd place in the mile.
unclelou Apr 27, 2012
Trout Lily.pic

Trout Lily.

The leafs is how it gets its name, has the appearance of a speckled trout.
unclelou Apr 26, 2012
wild tom turkey.pic

wild tom turkey.

with the last few easy winters,the turkeys seem to be making a comeback to our area. his beard is almost as long as mine. lol
unclelou Apr 25, 2012
Goose Pond.pic

Goose Pond.

This is at Wilderness State Park.  It has 22 miles of Lake michigan shore line. The north country Trail goes through here also.
unclelou Apr 24, 2012
If This dont Make you Smilepic

If This don`t Make you Smile......

wild Female mallord duck  looking  adorable for me.  check out full size.
unclelou Apr 23, 2012
Callin out.pic

Callin` out.

The Sand Pipers can be quite loud for their size. The ones around here are the Greater Yellowlegs.
unclelou Apr 22, 2012
Leeps and Boundspic

Leeps and Bounds

I was waiting for a good shot of these deer ( with the camera ) when a sandhill crane scared them.
unclelou Apr 21, 2012
Wild Ringneck Pheasant.pic

Wild Ringneck Pheasant.

A stalk that ended with close up pix.  Well its snowing this morning.We have around 3 inches on the ground.
unclelou Apr 20, 2012
Eastern Bluebirdpic

Eastern Bluebird

I have always thought these little birds to be so cute.
unclelou Apr 19, 2012
Sand Piperspic

Sand Pipers

They made their migration saftley.
unclelou Apr 18, 2012
Dutchmans Breechespic

Dutchman`s Breeches

Little 3/8 inch flowers. some people call them Britches other call them Boys and Girls.
unclelou Apr 17, 2012
Van Creek Muskrat.pic

Van Creek Muskrat.

Saw this guy in the creek the other day, I was trying to get some pix of ducks but got this instead.
unclelou Apr 16, 2012
What Happens in The Flower Stays In The Flower.pic

What Happens in The Flower Stays In The Flower.

Trout Lilly and some bug action.
unclelou Apr 14, 2012
Aurora Borealispic

Aurora Borealis

took this at 11:30 last night. for some reason the dark forground came out blotchy when it was uploaded to here.
unclelou Apr 13, 2012
Regal Eagle.pic

Regal Eagle.

A golden eagle that i was able to stalk up on.
unclelou Apr 12, 2012
Spring Beauty surrounds the mitten.pic

Spring Beauty surrounds the mitten.

These are the mittens that i won from Michigan Mittens.
unclelou Apr 11, 2012


Well with my last photo I hit 200 features, thank you to all.
unclelou Apr 10, 2012
wildlife pilates instructor.pic

wildlife pilates instructor.

Another silly goose by one of the local creeks.
unclelou Apr 09, 2012
1st datevid

1st date

Lets see. The year would have been 1975. thats the year the spaceship abducted me. A spaceship of women. They took me to their planet…
unclelou Jan 30, 2012
redneck mepic

J Journey thru Bliss.

Jump in the car with me and let's see what we can see from the window. We shall pick up some cold Vernors at the…
unclelou Jul 19, 2011

Batman Was Arrested in Michigan Today

An unnamed 31-year-old man was arrested early this morning in Petoskey, Michigan, while dressed as Batman and dangling from a rope on the side of…
unclelou May 11, 2011
visitation night take My Baby Out Tonightvid

visitation night / take My Baby Out Tonight

New original song on fretless bloodwood winebox guitar
unclelou Apr 17, 2011
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